WBR12 Wifi(AirPlay2)&Bluetooth5.0 Transmitter &Receiver
WBR12 Wifi(AirPlay2)&Bluetooth5.0 Transmitter &Receiver
WBR12 Wifi(AirPlay2)&Bluetooth5.0 Transmitter &Receiver
WBR12 Wifi(AirPlay2)&Bluetooth5.0 Transmitter &Receiver

WBR12 Wifi(AirPlay2)&Bluetooth5.0 Transmitter &Receiver

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WBR12 is a Wifi multi-room audio receiver and transmitter. It easily upgrades any existing audio amplifier, receiver, and powered active speaker with convenient multi-room audio capability. As a receiver, you can stream online music directly into your older non-wireless audio device. As a transmitter, you can  and only can  output your existing audio device to other compatible TIC multi-room  AirPlay 2 devices , not other brand AirPlay 2 devices. As receiver, can work with all any other AirPlay devices.

Visit our website to see the latest list of compatible TIC Wifi multi-room products (speakers, amplifiers, receivers).


Function Introduction

 WI-FI Setup ● Support WiFi 2.4G & 5G

● Support Bluetooth 5.0

● Support 24bit/44.1KHz~24bit/192KHz

● Support Airplay2, DLNA, iHeartRadio, Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, Qobuz, Deezer

● Support network multi-room

● Support optical fiber , HDMI, AUX input


Screw in the provided antenna on the back panel. If desired, connect an existing audio amplifier/receiver/active speaker via RCA cable (not included) in “RCA out” section in the back panel. Depending on the input option on your device, you may use RCA-to-RCA cable or RCA-to-3.5mm cable.


Find the latest iOS or Android app: “muzo pod” to setup and control WBR12. Follow the instruction to to setup the wifi connection


You can optionally use Bluetooth as an input. To set up a Bluetooth device, simply press the BT button on the remote to switch to Bluetooth mode. If no device has been connected, the BT LED indicator will flash and you can then select “the code” (Each device has specific code) from your device’s Bluetooth menu. Once connected, the LED indicator will become solid.


In addition to wireless Wifi or Bluetooth inputs, WBR12 also has 4 extra wired input options (HDMI, RCA, Optical, and USB) to conveniently broadcast non-wireless devices such as TV, radio, home-theater receiver/amplifier, USB thumb drive, etc. You can use the remote control or the app to select one of these 4 wired input modes.


Select the desired input mode by pressing the respective button on the remote or choosing the input on the app. When “wifi” mode is selected,hold on "Wifi" button for 3--5 seconds, you will hear "Wifi Setup Mode", means that speaker is ready for connect to wifi. you can stream directly from the listed streaming services within the app (iOS and Android) and any compatible audio app (iOS only). For Android device, if you want to stream from a service not listed in the app, you must connect to WBR12 as a Bluetooth device.

For both iOS & Android devices, you can control and stream your music on the app. You can control the volume, track, and multi-room grouping directly on the app. To organize multi-room group, follow the drag-n-drop instruction in the “Device List” section of the app.

For iOS devices (with compatible iOS versions), we strongly recommend using AirPlay 2 directly instead of using the app for the optimal multi-room experience. You will only need to the app to set up the WBR12 initially. After WBR12 is connected to your network, the app is no longer needed for standard control and streaming. You can keep the app to update firmware, rename device, and troubleshoot.


Ask a Question
  • So, I can connect a CD player with optical out to the WBR12 and have it connect directly to my HomePod stereo pair via Airplay 2 based on the first question about hooking up a turntable to the WBR12? Basically, I could only transmit to TIC Airplay 2 set of speakers, is that right? If so, I'm glad I did not waste my money because that is definitely not clear from the product description or specifications. I though Airplay 2 is an Apple standard specification. The point I'm trying to make is, I already own a pair of HomePod setup in stereo that I can connect to from my Macs and iDevices. Right now I use a Raspberry PI Plex server to play music via my iPhone and the Plex app to the HomePods. I was hoping to just be able to hook my high end CD Player up to the WBR12 and have it transmit via Airplay 2 protocol to the HomePod stereo pair. Which, you explain is not possible, right? I'm just looking for a way to play my 850+ CD collection on my HomePods without having to purchase yet another amplifier and speakers.

    When you use Optical connection from CD player to WRB12, and use our app MUZO POD, you can sync with our TIC WIFI AIRPLAY 2 SPEAKER , That is 100%sure not any problem. Because music source is hard drive , there is no way to choose the airplay. If you play music from cell phone or other apple device, definitely you can use airplay 2 to transmit . If you want your CD player with WRB12 to transit the music to your another amplifiers, you can add another WBR12 as the receiver , and sync them by our app.

    More questions, you can call me 626 8399018 for further discussion.


  • Can I use the WBR12 to connect a turntable (with integrated preamp) via the RCA input and then use Airplay 2 to stream it to an HomePod?

    If you want to use it as transmitter, the reciever should be TIC Airplay 2 speakers or Tic Airplay 2 amplifiers. Or you can hook up another one to HomePod, one works as transmitter, another one as receiver.


  • I have a B&O A9 and as you are probably aware the bluetooth connection has a lot of lag while the Airplay 2 connection is perfect. I am trying to send my gaming console audio the A9 speaker. If I do it via bluetooth I get latency so I am looking for a device that can stream my console audio to the speaker with Airplay 2. Will this device work for my purpose?

    All the airplay2 can work together, for sure it can work with it by AirPlay.

    But if you want to set it as transmitter, the receiver should be TIC AIRPLAY 2 speakers or TIC AIRPLAY 2 AMPLIFIERS.


  • I’d just like to clarify that I can do what I’d like with this device. I can use any/all of the wired inputs (eg, HDMI, rca, etc) and then transmit via Airplay 2 to, eg an Apple HomePod (Airplay 2) receiver?

    this item has 6 inputs.you can use it as input. But when our receiver is in other inputs, like HDMI,RCA, only through our app to sync them together. IF all equipments are in wifi modes, you can sync them all through AIRPLAY 2.

    If you are not sure about that, please call me 626 8399018