Wifi (AirPlay2)&Bluetooth Series Installation Instruction


This manual is applicable for the TIC Wifi Airplay2 family, including the following compatible models:

  • Wifi Airplay2 Amplifiers: AMP88; AMP150; AMP200
  • Wifi Airplay2 Receiver and Transmitter: WRB12
  • Wifi Airplay2 Speakers: WB3; WB6; WPB10; WPB11



Table of contents:                                                        

  1. Introduction   
  2. Wifi setup                                 
  3. Bluetooth input setup   
  4. Wired inputs                                                
  5. Streaming music/multi-room setup   
  6. Important notes   



  1. Introduction
  • In the below sections, when instructed to press a specific button on the TIC device, you can either aim the remote control at the speaker/amplifiers and press the button or press the respective button on the speaker/device itself if the specific button is available.
  • Not every button mentioned is available on each individual speaker/device
  • Please note the position of the IR receiving node on the speaker/device when aiming the remote control. The performance of the remote control may degrade if the remote control is not aiming directly at the node or if strong sunlight is interfering with the signal.
  • Range of the remote control is max 10 meter. If the signal is not received properly please move closer.
  • A single remote control can control any compatible TIC speaker/device. Aim the remote control carefully if multiple speakers are placed in close proximity.
  • Volume control can be individually customized for each speaker via the remote control, via the music/video application (e.g. Spotify, Tune-in etc.) or on the device itself (if volume button is available).



  1. Wifi setup
  • step1: In the Appstore, find the latest iOS or Android app: “Müzo Player” and download the app.
  • step2: Each TIC device has its own specific device code (e.g. WB3, AMP150, etc.) . Select the code, follow the instruction and setup the wifi connection with each device.


  1. Bluetooth input setup
  • You can optionally use Bluetooth as an input. To set up a Bluetooth device, simply press the BT button on the remote to switch to Bluetooth mode. If no device has been connected, the BT LED indicator will flash and you can then select “the code” (Each device has specific code) from your device’s Bluetooth menu. Once connected, the LED indicator will become solid. You can also choose BT mode from your music/video application.

Note: The speaker can remember multiple Bluetooth devices. Speaker will automatically reconnect to the most nearby paired device within range each time you turn it on. The Bluetooth connection range is up to 80 meter (outdoor with clear line of sight) for Bluetooth 5.0 devices.

  1. Wired inputs
  • In addition to wireless Wifi or Bluetooth inputs, TIC AMP series and WBR12 have 4 extra wired input options (HDMI, RCA, Optical, and USB) to easily broadcast non-wireless devices such as TV, radio, home-theater receiver, USB-drive, etc. You can use the remote control or the Müzo Player app to select one of these 4 wired input modes.


  1. Streaming music/multi-room setup
  • iPhones or Other iOS Devices (compatible with AirPlay 2)
  • step1: Use remote control to choose the wifi input for all compatible TIC devices. If you could not connect it to wifi, just use remote control to press WIFI for 3-5 seconds, you can hear "wifi setup mode", you will connect your device to wifi easily.
  • step2: Add your TIC device(s) in the “Müzo Pod” app if it’s not connected to your wifi network already.
  • step3: Open any music/audio streaming app on your iOS device and pick a song, album, or playlist to play.
  • From Now Playing screen (or iOS Control Center), tap on the AirPlay audio icon.
  • In the shown AirPlay window, choose the desired devices to play in a mesh network.





  • Android Phones/Devices (alternative method for iOS devices)
  • step1: Use remote control to choose the wifi input for all compatible TIC devices.
  • step2: Add your TIC device(s) in the “Muzo Pod” app if it’s not connected to wifi network already.
  • step 3: From the Device List screen in the “Muzo Pod” app, drag desired devices onto the “main” device to create a mesh network group.
  • step4: Use remote control to change the input of the “main” device to Bluetooth. Connect your Android device to the “main” device via Bluetooth. When streaming from any music/audio app, all devices in the mesh network group will play together.


  1. Important notes:
  • For more AirPlay 2 help, please visit: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202809#ios
  • You may also choose another input (HDMI, AUX, optical, and USB) in the “main” device and all devices in the mesh network group will play together from the selected input.
  • For iOS devices (with compatible iOS versions), we strongly recommend using AirPlay 2 directly instead of using the music/video app for the optimal multi-room experience.
  • You will only need to the app to set up the TIC wifi devices initially. After devices are connected to your network, the app is no longer needed for standard control and streaming.
  • Please keep the app to update firmware, rename devices, troubleshoot etc.