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Our popular AMP series amplifier is the only outdoor rated amplifier that provides convenience of wifi and Bluetooth capability. It's perfect for both indoor whole-home audio installations and modernizing the input of a traditional outdoor sound system.

Airplay one can allow you sync up to 9 ports (or 9 pieces speakers) , all you need is put all the wifi devices within  30 feet  from the router.

If you have any wifi connection issue, please try new app: muzo player. Or call us @626 8399018 or 626 9680211

To learn more about our WifiStream multi-room music streaming platform, click here.

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  • AMP50 - 100W Indoor-Outdoor Water/Dust Resistant Wifi & Bluetooth Amplifier with Apple AirPlay
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  • WHS001 In-Wall Waterproof Box For Amplifier
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