BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)
BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)

BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker (Single)

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The BPS560 is part of TIC's new Bluetooth 5 family of multi-speaker audio solution. Compared to Bluetooth 4, our new Bluetooth 5 chipset offers significantly range improvement, up to 4x the distance (vs. 4.0) and increased audio quality due to speed & bandwidth enhancement. Best of all, you can easily connect up to 100 compatible TIC Bluetooth 5 devices to create a massive multi-speaker sound system.

  • Single active patio speaker
  • Built-in 80W power amplifier
  • Full-range 2-way speaker design (6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter)
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Wireless distance up to 300 feet*
  • Can connect and play in sync with up to 100+ compatible TIC Bluetooth 5 devices 
  • 180° swivel mounting bracket
  • 4-way water-resistant wire/control panel cover
  • Tough, durable weather-resistant exterior
  • Bluetooth wireless input only (no wired input)
  • Included: remote control and 13ft/4m outdoor power supply
  • Color: Black or White


Support/Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manual
Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty


* Bluetooth 5's maximum range of 300 feet can be achieved with clear line-of-sight in outdoor settings. Wireless range will decrease in settings with walls and devices with signal interference. In addition, Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible with all older Bluetooth devices but the wireless connection range will be limited to the range specification of the older Bluetooth device. The connection range between a TIC's Bluetooth 5 device and a Bluetooth 4 device is typically between 20-50 feet. However, using an older Bluetooth device does not impact the connection range among speakers in a multi-speaker system.


Ask a Question
  • i am looking for a way to hook up play music from my computer to a wifi or blue tooth speaker system. i am thinking of possible 2-4 speakers inside the house and 2-4 outside the house. i found a long distance bluetooth adaptor 150-200' that should work. all playing the same music is fine. i am looking for a more affordable way to accomplish that. is this the product i would want?

    Bluetooth mesh network is based on the open area. If you have indoor and outdoor, the signal might not be strong enough through the wall. 

    But AirPlay 2 multiroom system will be a better choice. As you stated , you want to play music from computer, use on wifi(AirPlay2) amplifier like AMP88/AMP150/AMP200 to play the speakers to get signal from computer or TV by fiber/HDMI or Audio in , outdoor you can get WBP10/11 , and you can play easily by airplay2.

    Any more questions, pls call us 626 8399018


  • Hi Im looking a t buying the BPS560 - Outdoor Bluetooth 5 Patio Speaker. I just have some questions to ask first. If i get this, can i play music on it through ? And how far do I have to be from it? Also its possible to hook up more speakers to it as long as theyre TIC speakers? Will other speakers work? And how far is the range on the other speakers if i decide to get more than one? Will they all play in sync? Sorry for all the questions! Thank you in advance.

    The main purpose of our entire Bluetooth 5 series speakers is to play music. The distance between the streaming BT device (ie. your smartphone) and the "main" speaker is dependent on the phone's BT antenna specification. It could be 20-50 foot for a phone with BT4 antenna. For the newer phone with BT5 antenna, it could be anywhere between 50-300 foot.

    Re multi-speakers setup, you can add 100+ speakers to play in-sync. Any TIC Bluetooth 5 speakers (or future devices ie. amplifiers, transmitters, sound bars, etc.) will be compatible. While it's theoratically possible that other BT5 speakers may use the same internal BT5 chips, the manufacturers must also configure the chip to work the same way as our speakers to be compatible. Since we are one of the first audio companies to launch BT5 speakers that are multi-speaker capable, I cannot guarantee any compatibility with other companies' products. I would assume that it's more unlikely that it won't work than it would. The transmitting range of the "main" speaker is 300 feet with clear line of sight. In fact, when speakers are installed in a elevated location (ie. mounted high on a post or wall), the range could possibly exceed 300 feet.

    If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us by phone (626-968-0211) or log a new ticket on our support portal.